Class Descriptions

BabyWearing 101 


Every study we have ever read shows that babies are meant to be held.  But as with most things in life, there are right ways and wrong ways; safe ways and dangerous ways.

Taught by one of Metro Minis' trained and certified babywearing educators, Babywearing 101 is the perfect opportunity to learn safe and proper carrying of babies from newborn to toddler. Although we carry many different styles and brands of baby carriers, this class covers the very basics on the five different styles of baby carriers. It is designed to be an introduction to baby slings. Babywearing 101 is ideal for those who have never worn a baby and have little or no experience with carriers. We will discuss the different styles and by exploring your family's unique needs to help you discover the right carrier for you. 

Topics covered include; one-shoulder vs. two-shoulder carriers, respiration issues, spinal stress issues, correct carrying positions, demonstrations of the different style of carriers: pouches, ring slings, Asian style carriers (or "mei tais"), soft-structured carriers ("buckle carriers"), stretchy wraps, woven wraps. There will be an informal question and answer period followed by an opportunity to try-on the carriers that interested you the most. 

We currently do not offer any Babywearing 101 Classes on our calendar.  However we are working with local parenting groups who want to host. Fees starting at 250 dollars for one educator for up to 10 attendees. Bigger groups require more babywearing educators so the fee will increase. If we have to rent a car to get to the hosting place an extra fee may apply also. We recommend babywearing 101 classes for expectant couples or families with newborns only. The class can get long approximately 3 hours and we find parents with older babies or toddlers are usually not getting the most out of the class. There is a 90 minutes theoretical part followed by practical part. 

IF you are interested in booking us for a babywearing class please fill out this form and we usually get back to you within 24 hours. 

Soft Structured Babycarrier 101  

All of us at Metro Minis have always loved to wrap our babies in cuddly soft woven wraps. Our Babywearing 101 and Intro/Advanced Wrapping classes are great for parents who are open to traditional baby carriers. However, many of our customers know that they are only interested in a Soft-Structured (Buckle) carrier for their little one. Luckily, over the past few years, the soft structured baby carriers have been revolutionized. They are now not only safe and supportive, but also comfortable and cozy for baby as well. 

The difference between all of the Soft-Structured Carriers can be overwhelming for new parents, so we've created this express class to explain the ins and outs of the Beco, Ergo, Boba, Pikkolo, Oh Snap! and other Soft-Structure Carriers. Through this class, we will help you identify the right Soft-Structure Carrier for your body type and give tips on making it comfortable for you. 1 hour


Ring Sling Love Workshop

$15 (Free if you purchased a ring sling from us) 

We love ring slings. They works great with babies and toddlers. Quick 30 minutes workshop on how to use them safely. Tips and tricks how to make comfy. Learn how to adjust them the right away. Learn about different shoulder styles. What is an open tail and close tail ringsling? If you have a ring sling bring it along And much more.... 

Cloth Diapering 101

$25 single person $35 Couples

You know you don't want to throw away bag after bag of dirty disposable diapers, but you haven't figured out how you will find the ease of disposables in cloth?   Metro Minis can help. Luckily, several companies have applied 21st century ingenuity to cloth diapering, taking into account busy lives, shrinking budgets, and environmental concerns.  At our Cloth Diaper Class, we will walk you through the world of Cloth Diapers. We will discuss the styles of diapers, pros and cons of each, and how they might fit into your daily life. There are cloth diapers for every budget, every personality, and every caregiver.  We get into all the nitty gritty details; from figuring out how many diapers you will actually need, to dealing with the poop diaper at home and on the go.  Plus, we share our best tips on odor removal, washing, detergent options, and convenient accessories that will make the whole cloth diapering experience easier.  We have been there and done that, and we will help you make an easy transition into cloth diapering.