Why should I hire a babywearing educator? Don't all baby carriers come with instructions? How can you help me?

Yes, you are correct all carriers come with instructions. However babywearing is one of those things where it is really helpful to have someone guide you step by step. Do you have a bag of  hand me down carriers from friends?   You might not know how and where to start. We can also bring tons of carriers for you to try so you can see what meshes best with your body type. Private consultation are highly personalized and we make sure you will find something you like. After our visit you will be more confident,  how to position your baby and use your carrier. You also receive unlimited follow up via eMail and can ask any questions that may still arise. 


I have store credit/gift certificate, can I still use it even after your retail location closed?

Yes, you still can use it. Please contact us via our contact form and choose store credit/gift certificate as the subject. For store credit will request that you send us your receipt. You can just snap a pic with your phone and eMail to us. Please include what you like to get for your store credit. We get it ready and ship it out. 

For gift certificates just eMail us, most include a unique code on the bottom of your receipt. Include this code and name on your eMail and we will issue an online store voucher for you. If your gift certificate is an older style gift card or does not include a code, no worries we will figure out how to make the credit available to you. We might need a little bit more info so just eMail us or call us 212.313.9600 . 

How can I exchange an item?

As we transition to metro minis mobile you have a few option to exchange the item. Use our contact form to let us know you want to make an exchange. You can ship the item to us and we can make the exchange. We  should have several drop in hour locations throughout the city coming this spring,  so this will make things easier. Please contact us if you have any concerns or question. 

Why are some of your classes free and other cost a fee? 

It really depends on the agreement we have with each location. Some location have limited space and we can only offer an x class spots. In our experience free classes always have a few no shows, so a small fee usually helps with that. After all of our fee based classes, you will receive a discount if you decide to purchase a  baby carrier/ baby sling from us. Plus our classes are really informative and you learn a lot. Finding a good baby carrier right away can help you save hundreds of  dollars,  instead of ordering blindly  from an  online stores. We promise our classes are totally worth it. :)

Can I bring your babywearing 101 or general babywearing instruction  to my organization/mommy + daddy group?

Sure, just contact us. Babywearing 101 for a minimum of 6 people we offer usually for free (if the location can be easily accessed) You will be able to purchase carriers after the class. 

If you looking for a more instructional babywearing class for a group of parents that already own carriers. We charge  $150 for up to 15 people.