Here is our frequently asked carrier section. For simplicity we call just use the general term baby carrier to refer to all types of babywearing devices. 


Do I need to sign up online for your classes and babywearing clinics or can I just drop by?

We encouraged you to sign up online at least 48 hours before class/workshop/clinic. It helps us to better serve you (especially at our babywearing clinics. If we know there will be a larger group we make sure to bring more babywearing educators)  If you decide to drop in on the same day of the class/event  fee will be $25 per family. 

What happened if I signed up for a class/clinic and can't make it? 

We know life can be unpredictable with baby. If you signed up for a class and can't make it, just contact us and we schedule you for a future date. If you can't make it to a future date we will issue  you a gift voucher to our online store in the amount you paid. 

I am a previous customer and need refresher on how to use the carrier. How can I get help?

Yes we love to help you with your carrier. You can drop by one of our babywearing clinics. Previous customers who bought a carrier from us or had a private consultations can come to any of our babywearing clinic for free follow up. 

We were gifted a mountain of baby carriers but now we can't figure out how to use them. Can you help? 

Yes, we can help. We have two options either sign up for babywearing clinic and bring the carriers you need help with. Or you can sign up for a private consultation and we will come over your place. Remember not all carriers are created equal and fit equal for all body types. 

Can I buy carriers at your classes or clinics?

We often have a few carriers (in neutral colors) on hand during our classes and clinics. (except at babiesrus) However since we are mobile business we can't possibly carry our full stock around in suitcases. We offer free shipping to your doorstep for baby carrier purchases. 

Do I have to sign up for a babywearing 101 class before I can come to our babywearing clinic?

No you don't. If you completely new to babywearing you might enjoy a class first.  Babywearing 101 includes a structured 1 hour theoretical part where we talk about safe positioning, show you different types of carrier categories and demonstrate them. Right after the theoretical part we dive into a hands on babywearing clinic. So basically if you come to babywearing 101