• You are going down the stairs  of a cramped subway station and there is no space for your stroller amongst your high-speed New York brethren. When you finally enter the train you get the evil eye from fellow NYers because your stroller is just in the way. Are you one of those parents that map out a trip so you will only use the stations that have elevator access? 
  • You are checking out a kick-ass flea market and it is becomingly increasingly difficult to push through waves of people with your new "mini-me" by your side.
  • You live in a 4th floor walk-up and each time you want to leave your apartment you get exhausted just thinking about it. 
  • You simply don't want to use a traditional stroller because you are mobile. You are different. You are unique. 

The solution? A Baby Carrier!!! Or Sling! Or Wrap!

Take the guesswork out and come to one of our babywearing clinics in NYC. Try some carriers, get tips and tricks and be prepared to confidently choose the right one for you. 

Not in NYC? Join us for a babywearing 101 webinar. While we won't be able to fit you for a carrier in person, we are really good at explaining the different types and what to look for. It is a fun webinar and we will demonstrate carriers right on camera. If you decide to join a live webinar you also can ask questions while it's going on. 

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