Exciting updates as we say Goodbye to Park Avenue

This is a message from Bianca Fehn founder of Metro Minis:

The last 6 years have been an amazing life-learning experience. After going back and forth for the past 6 months, I have come to the conclusion that I want to focus on what Metro Minis does best:Babywearing Education, both group education and individual instruction. Our online store will remain open and we still have carriers for sale at classes and workshops.

Our customers have really shown that they want and need the specific help we have to offer. As our Private Consultations have grown, it has been a struggle to keep up, so we are happy to make Metro Minis mobile! 
We have heard you and recognize that travel while pregnant and with little babies can be difficult, so we are focusing our energy on coming to you. Now you will find us teaching classes in your neighborhood, and have more times available for consultations. 
We are currently working on an online version of our signature classes like Babywearing 101, Wrapping 101, Cloth Diapering 101 etc... We are really excited about this.

We love babies, baby carriers/slings/wraps, and we LOVE to teach about them. Simply put, this is our passion. Over the last 10 years, we have fitted people of all body types, found great solutions for moms and dads who were in wheelchairs, had twins or special needs children, back or shoulder injuries, and worked with families of preemies to name only a few. We have learned so much from our experiences and rest assured we will continue to share our knowledge.

Take a quick journey with me and flashback to 2003, I just became a mom and single mom on top of it. I was frazzled, my son always wanted to be held, and I was desperate to get things done. It was not easy to get around the city in a big stroller, and none of the the carriers I bought worked for me. Then I stumbled upon an article in a parenting magazine and found out about more traditional babyslings. I scraped my last bit money together and bought a new babycarrier. WOW!!! It was life changing! Carrying my son in a comfortable sling was one of the most valuable things I learned since he was born. I wanted to spread the word and let other moms/dads/caregivers know how awesome it is. It was natural for me to teach this ancient art to everyone that I knew. It grew from a hobby then to a home business, online store and finally brick and mortar store. During this time, I met an awesome fellow babywearer at a babywearing meet up, who believed in what I did and she connected me to the Park Avenue location. My online store was named Slingzilla which I knew would never go over well on Park Ave, and in less than a month Metro Minis was born. :-)

So to celebrate this fantastic journey, we will have a PARTY with Tiffany’s famous Sangria, to say Goodbye to the retail location on Thursday February 22nd 6 to 8 pm. We do hope you will join us! We leave our retail location at the end of February and will move back into a warehouse space in Long Island City/Astoria.

Workshops, classes and drop in hours will continue throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Our first Babywearing 101 Workshop will be held March 16th at egg baby in DUMBO Brooklyn. Also we will have two workshops in Midtown Manhattan at Moonsoup in March. Astoria Queens dates will be posted shortly as well .We are currently in talks with many more locations throughout the city and will post them in our online booking system as soon as they become available. This is very exciting news because we might be coming close to YOUR neighborhood. Let us know where you want us to come and we will do our best! Yay!

Private Consultations will be available 7 days a week starting March 1st. Slots fill up quickly, so we suggest you book at least 48 hours in advance. As our ‘Moving out Special’ Private Consultations in areas accessible by subway or bus will be $100, though March 31st. You can book privates via eMail customerservice@metrominis.com, our online booking system or by calling us 212.313.9600

As always, our online store will remain open, the main focus will be everything related to babywearing. We will be sure to keep you posted as we are planning to add even more exciting brands.

Please do not worry, store credit still can be used when we switch to online sales and will not expire.

We will have a big sale on all our remaining items that are not related to babywearing beginning tomorrow, Tuesday February 19th. New babycarriers will not be on sale. However, we do have a huge box of demo carriers, online order returns, carriers we no longer sell, and older models that will be on sale. I will start posting them on our facebook page as well.

I would like to take a moment and give BIG THANKS to:

Jack, who made Metro Minis possible. 
Kassie, who hooked me up with the Park Ave location. 
Nina, who was my right hand in the early years of Metro Minis. 
Edward, who built a lot of our stuff and invented the art of "store volleyball." 
Joanna, who was my partner in crime for over 4 years (check out her new venture www.centerforbabywearingstudies.com) 
Koyuki, the face of Metro Minis :) who taught so many classes...a lot of them with her son in a baby carrier. 
Amy, who brought her wisdom every Saturday to the store, often with her daughter in a wrap. You are so deeply missed since you moved. Move back to NYC asap! 
Tiffany, who always kept her calm as the store manager, even when I wanted to go insane. 
Justin, who always made us laugh with his ‘witty’ jokes. 
Leda, who brought her passion, intelligence, and charm into the store and is now applying all she learned with her beautiful newborn son. 
Melissa, who always kept us entertained, organized, and energized. 
Kathy, who trekked out to Manhattan every Saturday and kept us in the loop with the wrap geek world. Can't wait to visit you one day in St. Louis. 
Yami, whose babywearing love turned into becoming an instructor herself. 
Shira, who spent a summer with us and was absolutely amazing. 
Jana, who brought true vibrancy into the store and shared her passion for breastfeeding generously as an IBCLC. 
Eric, who as a babywearing dad helped many men feel comfortable and only he knows how many packages he shipped.

You will see myself, Tiffany and Koyuki still around town teaching babywearing, cloth diapering and more. We are listing March/April dates in our calendar in the next few days. 
But here a couple of other things that we are up to: 
Koyuki is teaching childbirth education classes at Birthday Presence. So if you are pregnant check out her schedule at her website

Tiffany is a postpartum doula and a popular private babywearing consultation educator available for appointments. I will let all of you know as soon as her website goes live. You always can contact her at Tiffany@metrominis.com in the meantime to book. She is also busy as an organizer and performer ofVDay Harlem.

As far for me I graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Health Coach in 2012 and will focus more on my Yoga and Meditation studies. I will continue to work closely with Koyuki and Tiffany to bring Top Notch Babywearing Education throughout NYC. I am currently working on a brandnew site and eCommerce Solution for Metro Minis which will launch later this year.

Stay tuned for online versions of our popular classes, livechats and webinars.

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_Don't forget we will have a "good bye party" this Thursday 6pm to 8pm . We will have Sangria and snacks. 
_Please come by and say good bye to the retail location!

See you then,