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Bellyarmor Event at Metro Minis

A lot of expecting parents these days are concerned with how the environment might shape their child's life. More than any other time in a child's life, environmental effects can be felt most while still inside the womb.

One of the most increasingly worrisome environmental factors in a child's development is radiation -- with all our cellphones, laptops and other technology. However, there are new products designed specifically to shield radiation from pregnant mothers.

Tomorrow, Sept 23rd at 2pm Metro Minis is happy to welcome
Belly Armor Representative Kelsey Lam. Kelsey will be presenting to customers exactly how Belly Armor can protect your unborn baby from radiation. She will also be answering any questions you may have.

This is another event planned during our third anniversary week! We hope you will help us celebrate by visiting the store and saying hello! Thanks for you support!