NYC pediatric dentist visited Metro Minis

Last week's store visit from one of NYC's leading pediatric dentists,Dr. Ruby Gelman, DDS, was a fabulous event that we hope to repeat in the months to come.

If you missed it, here were some of her best tips for your little one.

1) Start early when the first tooth comes in, begin to either wipe off the gums and new teeth with a dental wipe, or use a finger brush or baby tooth brush.

2) When you have an toddler or older, have them drink some water after a snack to help remove the sugars in the mouth.
3) Beware of the 'stickier' snacks as they sit on the teeth much longer. For example, raisins, lollipops, and hard or chewy candy. So brush more diligently after snacks like this and the sooner the better.

Dr. Gelman also spoke about new research on how soda can affect teeth. Research has found a new kind of cavity that can be traced back to soda drinks! So definitely avoid them as much as possible.
BPA in plastics can also affect dental fillers and teeth coating, she said. She suggested you speak to your dentist about your concerns and says that there are ways to avoid the leaching (or just don't use products with BPA!)
During the visit, Dr. Gelman's dental assistant was on hand to help our youngest audience members to brush the demo monkey's teeth. Of course they preferred to play with the Metro Minis toys, but they took time to brush the monkeys teeth too. Plus they got free toothbrushes in their goodie bags!
Click here to watch a brief excerpt from Dr. Gelman's event at Metro Minis!