summer babywearing

summer babywearing

NYC is beautiful in the summer. So many things to do: from street  fairs, flea markets, strolling in Central Park, movies in the park and so much more.
Wearing your baby in a baby sling or carrier is so practical for urban parents but it also can be pretty warm. Here are a couple of tips to make summer Babywearing a little "cooler"


1. Consider the baby carrier as one layer of clothing. Don't overdress your baby, diaper and a tshirt should be sufficient.

2. Some carrier are warmer than others. We find ring sling are pretty good for summer. Sakura Bloom Pure ringslings are one layer of linen. Linen has amazing properties,  it wicks away moisture from your body when you perspire so you and your baby will feel more comfortable. Linen is also natural antibacterial which is a plus.

3. If you are outdoors in the direct sunlight a lot, it is best to wear lighter color carriers. Dark colors attract sun rays so you feel warmer quicker.

4. Carry a little spray bottle with distilled water. I usually add some drops of peppermint essential oil which has a cooling effect, it is so refreshing.

5. Try to stay out of the direct sunlight and look for shade.

6. If you use a woven wrap, try to use carries that only use one layer of fabric

7. Keep you and your baby hydrated.