metro minis is now offering post partum doula service.  


What is a postpartum doula? 

The role of a post partum doula is to help families and especially the mom after the baby is born.  We give education how to take care of baby,  guide you towards local new mom resources, run errands for you, prep meals etc. Each families needs are unique so we will tailor to your needs.

metro minis post partum doulas have a unique holistic approach so if you need guidance with babywearing, cloth diapering, elimination communication we can offer non suggestions and guidance.  We are mother ourselves so been through this highly exciting and yet emotional times before. 

metro minis post partum doulas services

  • postnatal care
  • breastfeeding support 
  • babywearing education
  • sibling support
  • meal prep
  • run errands
  • newborn care
  • referrals to other providers like lactation consultants, shopping services, new mother support groups