private consultation - babywearing

Private consultations are an excellent choice for expectant couples or new parents. We will work with the carriers or slings you already own, and/or bring demo carriers that you can try on. If you are expectant mom/couple we offer a complete overhaul about babywearing and find the right carrier for a life style.

Private Consultation fees will increase October 15th and our packages have changed.


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private consultation - follow up visit

Private consultation follow up. We offer unlimited follow up via eMail or phone for customers that purchased a private consultation with us.  If you still need some in person help we happy to come by again. 

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private consultation - babywearing trio

Our newest offering is the babywearing trio private consultations. 

This is the whole shebang of babywearing. 

Here is how it works:

First visit is before the birth of your baby. You will receive  a complete overhaul on babywearing. We will work with you to find the appropriate baby carriers or baby slings that match with your body type and life style. You will learn about proper and safe positioning and how to spot good designed vs bad designed carriers. We address options for hot or cold season, and tips and tricks to make babywearing in the city easier. You will gain confidence to use the carriers of your choice and will be prepared to carry your baby safely as soon as it is born. 

Second visit is after the  birth of your baby. You might need some extra pointers and tips/tricks and maybe some reassurance that you are using your carrier correctly.  We will guide how to use the carriers, slings and wraps that you bought or received as gifts. We will practice till you feel comfortable using it on your own with your baby. We might address nursing in a carrier if you feel ready to practice. 

The third visit is usually scheduled when your baby transition from newborn to the baby stage. There are often a lot of question that come up. Should the legs already be out? Should I face forward facing out etc.  Alternatively we can also come at a later stage (6 month and up) when you are ready to learn advanced carriers like back carries. 

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